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Urinalysis Test

Our routine in house urinalysis test provides information regarding what goes on inside your body. This unique baseline test allows for targeted treatment recommendations so that your body can heal and rebalance faster.

Part 1:  Adrenal Health Status

Provides an indirect measure of cortisol and your stress response. Are you in overdrive? Or have you reached a state of burnout? Learn why you may be feeling so depleted. The adrenal connection is often missed in traditional medical care, and we believe adrenal imbalances are the precursor to health problems.

Part 2: Indican Digestive Test

Measures bacteria overgrowth in your intestines. When “bad” bacteria over-populates the intestines, substances called “indoles” are produced, absorbed, metabolized by the liver, and excreted as indican in the urine. If you have any uncomfortable digestive symptoms, this test is recommended for you.

Part 3: pH + Urine Dipstick

Standard medical urinalysis dipstick test that analyzes your urine for blood, protein, bacteria, ketones and nitrites. Learn your urinary pH which can reflect the pH of your body. An alkaline pH is very important for preventative health.

Part 4: Antioxidant Status

How old are your cells? This test measures the level of oxidants in your body, which reflect cellular stress and aging. A high oxidant level suggests an increased need for antioxidants in order to prevent cellular damage and cellular aging. People of all ages can benefit from knowing there oxidant/antioxidant status in order to counteract oxidative cell damage.

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