Hormone Testing Is The First Step To Balancing Your Hormones And Feeling Good Again!

Hormone testing can help you identify where your hormones are too high, or low, and even determine whether they’re ‘at risk’ so you can balance them before it leads to other chronic health problems such as:

Weight Gain  •  Mood Swings  •  Hair Loss  •  Skin Problems

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How Do You Know Which Hormone Test Is Best For You?

There are 3 Types of Hormone Tests

Urine (DUTCH)

The DUTCH urine test gives you a full picture as to how your hormones are metabolizing in your body. This hormone test kit can be delivered and done at home.


Blood tests are good for monitoring specific changes in your hormones.

A lab visit is needed or we can send a lab tech to your home to draw the blood.


Saliva tests are good for some specific concerns. This hormone test kit can be delivered and done at home.

Our naturopathic doctors are specially trained to diagnose hormone health issues and provide you with the right hormone testing. Our goal is to get you back to feeling good again.

What Happens Once We Get Your Results?

One of our hormone naturopathic doctors will review the test results with you, so you have a clear understanding of where your hormones levels are.

A hormone treatment plan is put together that targets where your hormones are ‘off’ to help balance them again as quickly as possible.

All hormone plans are customized to you and include:

  • Lifestyle recommendations and expert education to help you balance your hormones as fast as possible.
  • A supplement plan focused on your hormonal health balance. Possible Red Light and IV Therapy as well.
  • A custom meal plan that focuses on balancing your hormones while tasting great.
  • Check in and coaching calls. We’re there as you need support and guidance. You will not be doing this alone!

The best part is, after 12 years and working with thousands of people, we have an easy to follow system that gets you feeling good as fast as possible.

Your naturopathic doctor is with you every step of the way.

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